As a bride and groom, do you fear being bankrupt after your wedding day? That’s not necessary. On average, Flemish couples spend around 16,750 euros on their wedding party. That is a considerable amount. But still, even with a modest budget, you can organize a wonderful day.

1. Photos and videos

This is the only cost item in which you should not save. I don’t know of any bridal couple who regret having photos or a movie. If you find a professional photographer too expensive, ask a photography student or an amateur photographer whose style fits your wedding. Another possibility is to use social media to collect your guests’ smartphone photos and videos. Create a hashtag on Twitter and Instagram and let the technology do the rest.

2. Wedding transportation

Some of my wedding couples don’t want to spend money on ceremony cars . For example, because they marry under the church tower, so to speak, or because there are hardly any landlords who let you get behind the wheel. I always advise them to take a look around their environment. Does your boss have an expensive Bentley? Or maybe that good friend wants to lend her Mini Cooper for a day? A nice gift for you and a few nice pictures for her afterwards.

3. Music

A good DJ makes your evening party. Yet he is not saving, because with the modern techniques of iPods and CDs, you can create ambiance yourself. Even better: ask your guests in advance what they would like to hear and burn this to CDs. If you still want life music, then know that a DJ will always be cheaper than a band. And maybe there is an uncle or cousin who can put some good records in succession and want to contribute to your dance party?

4. Flowers

Apart from the wedding party locations , flowers are often the biggest bite out of your wedding budget. They bring atmosphere and help determine the theme. Those who want a lot of flowers prefer to limit themselves to seasonal flowers or reuse the flowers from the ceremony for in the banquet hall . If you do not want to pay for a blue bouquet, you can opt for a bridal bouquet with only two flower types or just one flower.

5. Catering

Consider whether the following items are important to you. An evening party dinner? A great company for the dance party? The most expensive wines? A three-course menu? Champagne? A towering wedding cake? No? Fortunately, because a reception with small snacks, a select group for the dance party, cava and sparkling wine, a buffet and (homemade) cupcakes are just as much fun and cheaper! Find out best and affordable catering in Portland OR that fits in your budget.

6. The location

A wedding location makes up 40% of your total budget. Search consciously for rooms where you do not have to pay room rent. Or rent a room where the purchase of catering is not compulsory, but where all the necessities are present for the reception or dinner. Some locations are cheaper on Friday or during the week. Of course, a castle will be more expensive than a farm. And whoever thinks that organizing an evening party at home is cheaper, has thought that well. But then again have to take into account all kinds of logistical considerations.

7. The dream dress

On the internet it is full of ‘cheap’ seamstresses. It is worth asking for quotes. If you have a dress (for example, your mother’s old wedding dress), have it adjusted. Or have a tailor-made dress made – why not a model that you can wear again after the wedding day. I have good experiences with Chinese internet suppliers for an affordable wedding dress. Keep an eye on the sales period at bride shops! Or go shopping outside the bridal shops. You might come across a nice dress somewhere on Meir in Antwerp that has wedding allures.

8. Invitations

I myself am a big fan of online printing services. For the DIY bride a wealth of different designs and for the not-so-great designer in us, quickly made, shipped quickly and received quickly at a low price. A big advantage for me is the possibility to extend the line of your invitations in your menus, save the dates and place tickets. Who wants to save stamps, puts the invitations of a guest in your area in their letterbox. Nothing wrong with that and you are immediately certain that it is correct. A DIY bride with balls makes her invitations herself .