Do you need wedding location ideas? One bride has been dreaming about getting married in a castle since she was a little girl, the other knows for sure that she wants to get married in nature. Do you not yet know where your partner and you are going to give each other the yes? Don’t worry , there is no reason to panic. We have listed all ideas for wedding locations for you, so that you only have to check! 

Ideas for the wedding location

The wedding location is of course one of the most important parts of your wedding and you want it to be perfect down to the last detail. But where do you start the search? Nowadays you can get married in so many different places! From castle to beach and from the middle of the forest to a boat. We got you!  To inspire you, we have listed some great ideas for the wedding location for you. Choose wisely!

Castle as a wedding location

Your mini-me must have fantasized about this before: getting married in a castle . High, stately ballrooms, expansive castle gardens and romantic tower rooms to get you ready. All you need now is a ball dress and your prince. Sounds like a fairytale, right?

Getting married in a monastery 

A church is a frequently chosen wedding location , but marrying in a monastery is less known. With authentic details such as stained glass windows, ornaments and often beautiful gardens, a monastery is a perfect place for a romantic wedding.

A mill

mill as a wedding location  is perfect for a wonderful Dutch, Burgundian wedding! Think of the stately wings as background for your wedding photo, super cool right? Besides the beautiful wedding photos, getting married at a mill is also super unique; know for sure that none of your family or friends has ever been to such a unique wedding location! 

Getting married in a beach club

Sun on your shoulders, feet in the sand and a rustling sea in the background while you give each other the yes. What else do you want from a wedding location ?! Check our favorite beach locations for a beach wedding and imagine yourself on vacation at your own wedding! Ibiza vibes all the way!