Finding a sustainable wedding location is easier than you think! If conscious living is something you are working on every day, then of course you want to implement this lifestyle in your wedding. That is why we have collected a number of wedding locations for you that value sustainability just as much as you do. That saves you a whole search! Find the best Charlotte Wedding Planners. goldenvenues offers reviews, prices and availability for Wedding Planner in Charlotte NC. (North Carolina).

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Sustainable wedding locations

Nowadays we are increasingly aware of what we eat, wear, throw away and recycle. That’s not for nothing! We only have one globe and we have to be careful with that. If you have a preference for trees, animals and greenery, then your dream wedding must and will naturally take place in a green paradise. There is one thing that all of the sustainable wedding locations below have in common: they are located in the midst of nature. In addition, each wedding location contributes in its own way to taking good care of our beautiful nature.

Golden Venues Charlotte NC

This location has been set up from a sustainable point of view, where the love for nature is central. They are busy every day to eventually become the most sustainable event planner and location in the Charlotte NC. What makes Golden Venues unique is that it was built on one of the first organic fruit orchards in the Charlotte NC. The owners want to share this special place with as many other people as possible to show how tasty, beautiful and hip sustainability is. The greenhouse is built with fully recycled materials and the fruit from the orchard is processed into juices, jams and desserts. The beers and wines are organic as much as possible and the large vegetable garden provides seasonal vegetables.

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In addition to their own vision, they also encourage married couples to participate in this. For example, they recommend choosing more vegetable dishes at the wedding dinner than meat and fish. And to choose a sustainable variant if meat is chosen. They want to make everyone more aware. During a wedding weekend, sometimes 300 plastic bubble blowing bottles are used. They discuss such things with the bridal couple beforehand, so that together they can look for a more sustainable alternative. Then it is recommended, for example, to use colored petals or a bubble blower, much more durable!